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AAC Brandon

"Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS wheat.Similar lodging tolerance and disease resistance to AC Carberry with 105% yield index, 0.5 day earlier maturity and 1 cm shorter plant height. Well adapted across Western Canada"

AAC Tisdale

"Medium height, awned, hollow stemmed wheat with high yields. Adapted to wheat-growing areas of the Canadian prairies."


High protein, short straw, high yields, high falling numbers and a good disease package.


A Canadian Northern Hard Red Wheat with very high yields, medium straw strength and a good disease package.

AAC Viewfield

High yielding CWRS with short straw, good harvestability and strong sprouting resistance. Well suited for growth in the prairies. 


AAC Carver

A yellow pea with very high yields, early maturity and large seed size. Well suited for growing in the prairies.

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