Pioneer families settled in late 1800's

Fisher Seeds Ltd. has evolved from pioneer families who settled in the Dauphin area in the late 1800's, and presently has the fifth generation involved in the family operation.  Fisher Seeds Ltd. is the seed and special crop arm of Fisher Farms, which crops 5000 acres of grains, special crops, and forage seed and hay.

​The seed business was started by our parents George and Margaret Fisher, who started growing pedigree seed in the mid 1950's.  Processing and retail sales were added in the mid 1960's and expanded in the mid 1970's when their sons George R., Douglas and Rod returned to the farm.  Rod is in charge of the seed plant while Douglas and George R. are responsible for the grain farm.

​The current seed plant was built in 1985, and specializes in seed grain as well as contracting and processing special crops for export.

​Special crops contracted have included fababeans, medium fababeans, green and yellow peas, maple peas, lentils, buckwheat, hemp, Austrian winter peas, as well as borage, and quinoa.

​Fisher Seeds have invested in two seed grower based companies - Canterra Seeds and Farm Pure Genetics as a medium for sourcing varieties suited to the local region.  Varieties are also sourced through SeCan.

​Fisher Seeds are licensed with Health Canada to grow, and process Industrial Hemp; as well they are associated with a Hemp Breeding Company.

​Fisher Seeds commenced devitalizing hemp for the bird food market in early 2008.  Hemp is an excellent feed for birds and Health Canada regulations require the Industrial Hemp must be non-viable (0% germination) in order to be sold into the bird food market.